Cloud Services

CloudThe era of cloud computing can be seen as the next natural step, where significant automation and scalability become possible. Cloud computing offers a path to optimized use and rapid deployment of resources, improved operational efficiency, and potential for significant cost savings. When fully realized, cloud computing infrastructures can provide competitively significant IT agility, flexibility, and adaptability through systems that are efficient, simplified, and secure.

Cloud computing offers the potential for a transformation in the design, development, and deployment of next-generation technologies – technologies that enable flexible, pay-as-you-go business models that will alter the future of computing from mobile platforms and devices to the data center.

RAMAN IT, known for our its leadership role in making available latest cloud technologies to enterprises, particularly and small business to lead an environment for IT infrastructure. Our Clients are the ultimate beneficiaries of our professionalism. Raman IT brings to you latest offerings in Cloud computing Technologies to enable your business to reach new markets without worrying about upfront CAPEX of physical hardware. Your IT environment will never be exposed to threats related technology obsolesce as you can get best of breed technology up-gradations at no increamental Capital expenditure.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Complete Control of your IT Infrastructure

Using Raman IT Cloud Services, you can provision, upgrade, downgrade or de-provision your virtual compute, storage and network resource. All you need is an internet powered device. You also get round-the-clock monitoring and reporting through our online management console!

Enterprise Grade Offering

With our services, you can power your resource intensive applications with Octa Core processor machines coupled with up to 16 GB of RAM and an infinite storage capacity. You can choose the nearest availability zone to ensure highest service standards!


Flexible Payment Terms

Our cloud services offerings gives you complete freedom from contractual obligations and fixed billing modes. You can choose your payment terms which suits your organization budget.

Automated - Smarter Computing

Handle flash loads on your IT infrastructure without manual configuration headaches. Our services automatically scales your IT infrastructure up or down or horizontally, and takes care of those unaccounted-for spikes.

Enhance efficiency and productivity

Enhance the efficiency of your business by having the IT services available in an always on manner, no longer bogged down by network access issues or server downtime.

Our Cloud Services Include

1. IAAS (Infrastructure As a Services)

2. PAAS (Platform As a Services)

3. Hybrid Cloud 4. Private Cloud


By partnering with us you will be free from the pain of setting up and managing your mission-critical IT infrastructure. Our Internet Data Centers will fulfill your entire IT infrastructure requirements: from colocation services and dedicated hosting to firewall and backup solutions. We'll keep you safe, supported and running 24/7 with our world-class facilities, industry-leading SLAs and an expert team that is the envy of our competitors.

We offer

1. Co-location Services

2. Dedicated Hosting

3. Bandwidth Services

4. Load Balancing

5. Advanced Firewall Services

6. Disaster Recovery Services