Desktop Repair Services

In today’s fast‐paced corporate environment it is abundantly clear: If a worker’s computer is out of order, that individual cannot perform his or her daily duties. The longer the computer is not working, the greater the pressure is on the help desk. The consequences are obvious ‐ worker productivity degrades as result of issues such as the server is down, or even with issues far less complicated, such as a mobile user cannot get an up‐to‐date software version or the installation of harmful software impacts the PC’s performance. In a perfect world, IT systems never go down, applications always work as expected, and users only install approved software; but in the real world it is quite different. The goal of the Raman IT is to solve these issues in a timely manner and keep the overall rates of user downtime to a minimal, while also proactively managing the desktop environment so that the volume of help desk calls and security violations are reduced.

Desktop services

Services Offered :

Comprehensive chip level repair by certified engineers. Replacement of motherboard, SMPS, RAM, hard drive, USB port, DVD rom, graphics card &All internal PCI Cards, installation and configuration of TFT, LCD& LED desktop monitors. Provide software support on windows boot errors, windows re installation, windows drivers support, anti-virus installation, virus removal service, file sharing, networking, access desktop remotely. Desktop installation, configuration, networking. Windows xp, windows Vista, Windows7, Windows 8 support for desktop pc. Desktop printer installation, printer sharing between desktops.