Enterprise Technology Solutions


CloudAt Raman IT, our professionals help meet the challenge of implementing and growing a secure, scalable and reliable wireless business infrastructure. More importantly, Raman IT completes its projects efficiently and promptly. We work closely with our clients to establish plans and budgets, finalize designs, and manage the necessary resources for network deployment. We have the resources and skills to design and provide the operational support required to meet our clients’ business objectives concurrent with network planning. By utilizing the products and services Raman IT offers, our clients are assured that their networks operate and perform at optimum levels. As wireless networks evolve and equipment is added to address changes in usage patterns and growth, periodic review of the network and retuning is necessary to maintain high performance.


Today’s Internet and Intranet enabled business practices open the door to millions of end users; exposing Web sites, mission-critical applications, and consumers’ private information to more risk than ever before. To succeed in this environment, organizations must allow access to resources while protecting valuable assets and ensuring consumers’ privacy. Backed by the some of the world’s leading security software and hardware vendors, Raman IT brings peace-of-mind to your business. These trustworthy solutions are automatically updated to include the latest anti-virus signatures and intrusion policies to guard against malicious attacks. Our solutions complement a complete set of outcome-based service offerings, including assessment, implementation, and audit as well as outsourcing of complete security management. By partnering with the industry leaders in security, Raman IT is able to provide its clients the following services:


Security Assessments

Raman IT reviews policies, procedures, and security capabilities with your staff. We then conduct a network and systems analysis. During this analysis, we assess key areas including disaster recovery policy, physical security, and the security awareness of your staff. The product of this assessment is the first step for customers who wish to evaluate and strengthen their network security posture.

Security Policy Development

If your company lacks a Security Policy, or if your information technology improvements have outpaced your existing policy, we can assist in developing a tailored document that addresses your company’s specific concerns. We work with your staff to assess your business needs and develop best security practices.

Network Protection - Firewall Systems

Modern firewalls are extremely flexible, but complex devices. In the past, firewalls merely screened out unwanted network traffic, but today a firewall can be used to authenticate users, scan for hostile applets and e-mail attachments, or disallow employees from surfing to unsavory web sites. In addition, firewalls can be configured for Virtual Private Networking, or integrated with digital certificates or Intrusion Detection. Raman IT has experience with firewall systems from Nokia, Lucent, and Netscreen. We can help you choose the right product for your enterprise based on throughput, manageability, security and networking features, cost, scalability, ease of deployment, availability, and extensibility.

Network Protection - Intrusion Detection

Raman IT Intrusion Detection Services meet the challenges of watching over a modern network by providing high-speed sensors to detect suspicious activity, provide forensic data, and determine the impact of network attacks. These services provide the scalability to deploy and manage large numbers of sensors without negatively impacting the operation of large networks.


Today’s rapidly expanding, technology-driven businesses produce steadily growing volumes of data that must be properly processed, managed, and stored to deliver maximum business advantage. As a result, data storage is now more than just a requirement - it’s a critical component of every business. Data must be rapidly backed-up without impacting productivity, instantly available to both users and applications and quickly recoverable in the event of a disaster. Until recently, only the largest companies could afford the expensive fiber channel infrastructures and customized configurations necessary for world-class storage solutions. Today, by implementing cost-effective IP-based data storage, companies of all sizes can experience the performance, security and availability benefits of enterprise-scale implementations. Raman IT will help you plan your IP or Fiber Channel storage needs with increased efficiency, decreased administrative costs, and less training time. We provide our clients with reporting, monitoring and threshold-based automation that helps take control of the storage environment. This allows our clients to reduce the time and money spent on storage management, and maximizes the use of existing resources.

Disk Storage Systems: Disk Array (Enterprise SAN), Modular Array (entry level SAN), IP SAN, DAS/J-BOD, Storage Blades, and NAS solutions.

Disk Backup Systems: Virtual Library Systems, D2D Backup, Removable Disks

Tape Drives & Blades: LTO, DAT, Simple to fully Automated Tape Libraries.

Back up and Archival Solutions

Virtualized and Unified Storage Solutions

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions


Raman IT Convergence Solutions transform client networks into a distributed, unified architecture, regardless of the starting point, and provide a variety of reliable features and services in the areas of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and Content Delivery Networks that are unique to the industry. VoIP Solutions and Products allow clients to evolve an existing circuit-based network into a packet network, offer telephony features and services over an IP network, and provide the option of voice over Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable services.

5. Server Computing

In simple terms, server computing denotes a hardware or software system (called the server) that stores and distributes data for the network users (the client computers). Under this setup, the users obtain benefits that are not present in ordinary workgroups. Our Server Computing solutions portfolio covers small and medium size departmental servers, branch to remote office servers, Application and Database servers to run mission critical tasks as well as Business Continuity Servers (BCS) for data center & Server Virtualization.

Tower Servers Tower servers are the most basic, and often most recognizable, servers available. They have been considered the workhorse of the IT industry for years. Tower servers are stand-alone units that have all of the traditional server components including hard disks, motherboards and CPU’s. Their size and cost is fairly comparable to a similar desktop PC. Towers are often the best choice for smaller businesses or other environments where available space is less of a concern. They are often very powerful and often include additional bundled software programs. The reason that they are more powerful is because they can have more drives than the other options, additionally they are much easier to keep cool

Rack Servers Rack servers are specially designed to be stored in racks, hence the name. This type of server initially became popular simply because of their space saving abilities, especially within datacenters. Most major racks are designed to adhere to the IEEE standard and are measured in “rack units” or “U’s”. The main motivation behind the design of rack servers is to provide vertical and horizontal scalability. Additionally, many other complimentary electronic devices are also designed to adhere to IEEE standards. This means that a rack can hold not only rack servers, but also SAN devices, rack consoles, power backup devices, and much more. This means that you can store everything in one place.

Blade Servers with Blade enclosures Blade Servers are Modular in design, highly scalable,, highly energy efficient with scalable performance, easy to deploy and manage. Raman IT has partnerships with HP, Dell and Fujitsu to offer choices that will help run your businesses most cost effectively with optimized ROI. You can rely on us for Installation, warranty and Managed services, to manage your IT Infrastructure, leaving you with ample time to plan and grow your Core business.