Facility Management Services

SoftwaresRaman IT provides high quality, scalable and cost effective solution for outsourcing the technical and IT help desk functions. From our technology help desk group we provide total support solutions for ISPs, OEMs, software companies and IT needs of companies. The support provided is comprehensive and covers all major operating systems, desktop applications that run the office environment. Our support services allow clients to reduce their support cost significantly. Majority of our staff members are engineers with all necessary technical certifications and have gone through extensive training in soft skills required for customer support. We can provide you with shared representatives or support personnel dedicated full time to your products. We work with every client to ensure that our representatives match closely with the needs of our client companies.

We offer 24X7 support to our clients. We have service request management software in place to track and manage the service requests.

We offer consistent service delivery at cost effective rates for enterprise's infrastructure and data center needs. We also provide a full range of help desk services at National level. Our IT outsourcing solutions, based on proven, repeatable delivery methodologies and practices, are managed both on-site and through our delivery center in collaboration with our wide spread service delivery network.

Some of the services offered by us in the Managed services are as follows:

Help Desk Services: Integrate all of your service management across your business. Get fix-it-right-on-the-first-report problem resolution. And proactively resolve most issues before they adversely affect your business. It helps improve service levels by building a single point of contact, consolidating and automating the handling of all service requests both technical and non technical.

Asset and Configuration Management Services: Capture, track, report on, and manage all of the hardware and software assets in your portfolio and deliver the information needed to make better decisions. The idea of this exercise is to do management of the asset & configuration database in order to ensure control over configurations to minimize disruption and downtime accruing from changes. This is done using tools as well through physical tracking.


Network Management Services: This service is designed to provide proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance of all network elements encompassing Servers, Routers, Switches, Links, and other critical identified equipments Configure and manage devices such as Routers, Switches, Servers up to the WAN gateway so as to ensure effective network utilization and compliance with standards, Manage the Wan links. Report performance of the network elements and set thresholds.

Deskside Management Services: This service includes Analyzing and Troubleshoot problems related to the Desktops and related Peripherals devices like printers and scanners. It includes support on operating system like Windows or LINUX along with office applications and mail client support.

Data Center Management Services: We provide comprehensive end to end Data Center Management services which includes 24x7 availability management, application management, security, performance management, capacity planning and implementation, data center design and implementation, Server administration and management, Storage management, backup management, etc.

Messaging Infrastructure Services: As a part of mail Management of the messaging infrastructure based on MS Exchange, Lotus or LINUX we perform all the activities like Mail Box Creation, Deletion, Mail Delivery and Queue Management, Internet Mail System management, Mail Traffic monitoring and management, Configuring of users, etc. to ensure mail service availability to the enterprise.

Maintenance Support Services: Get the multi-vendor hardware maintenance and support you need for all your hardware products including Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Routers, Switches and UPSs.

Vendor Management Services: Vendor management is a critical component to service delivery in multi-vendor environments of today. We manage third-party service arrangements including logistics/leases, licensing, repairs and service delivery and follow up on manufacturer-initiated upgrades/patches.

Security Management Services: This Service is designed to take care of all the security service needs of complex IT setups including monitoring, reviewing, updating the physical security, Anti Virus updates on Desktops and Servers, IDS/IPS, Content Filtering, Anti Spam, Firewall management, Ad ware and Spy ware services.

Consumables Management Services: These services help Tracking Consumable Usage, Checking quality of consumables being used and delivered, Maintain an EOQ of Consumables and procure it timely.