Printer/ Automation Printer/ Peripherals

Printer Repair Service Printer repair: repair printing problem, printer jam, paper jam, printer error, motherboard repair, motherboard replacement, chip level repair, BGA re work. Replacement of toner, rim, shutter, drum, printer parts repair, fax board, printer mother board. Cartage cleaning, black line printing, printer cleaning, printer maintenance. Network printer sharing, networking, printer share, printer wifi. Windows xp, windows Vista, Windows7 support for Printer. Printer drivers. Printer installation, printer driver installation, printer driver for windows.

Motherboard Service

MotherboardTroubleshooting issues in components like motherboard can be tricky. Depending upon local vendors for motherboard repair can be a lot of hassle. At Raman It we are determined to provide reliable solutions for motherboard or any other critical component support. Our certified technicians and customer friendly callers will ensure that you get a hassle free and professional tech support experience.

Our engineers are trained to handle complete chipset placed on mother board.

Chip Level Repair

Desktop, Laptop, Apple Mac hardware repair: chip level repair by certified engineers. Replacement of LCD, keypad, motherboard, panel, screen, usb port, speakers, mouse, touchpad. Repair of display problem, lcd repair, laptop screen repair. Motherboard repair, motherboard replacement, chip level repair, BGA re work.

Laptop assembly & Disassembly

laptop repairyChip Level Practical (Using Solder iron, SMD Machine, IRDA,)

Troubleshooting (Chip Level Troubleshooting using oscilloscope, LCR Meter, IRDA, SMD Machine)

Laptop repair: I.C, Set Dead Problem, Charging Problem, Display Problem, Display Light Problem, Audio Sound Problem, DVD Writer Problem, USB Port Problem, Touchpad Problem, Finger Prints Problem, Webcam Problem, Wi-Fi Problem, Bluetooth problem, Adaptor Problem, BIOS password Problem

Diagnostic card error codes, Bios Update, Trace with C.R.O, Hot Testing