Software Division

SoftwaresToday, software licenses constitute a major part of an organization’s IT investment. Optimum licensing and management of software assets play an important role in ensuring maximum returns of your investment. Raman IT today offers a comprehensive range of software licenses as part of its single window offering to its customers. Further, Raman IT centre of excellence in various middleware frameworks can help you design, implement, roll out, operate and maintain as well as deliver end-to-end implementations for its clients across regions and segments.

We have partnered with major global software companies, to provide multi-faceted software solutions. Our inherent strength lies in our in-depth understanding of the software market as well as our strong Principal relations. We have, on board, qualified and certified Pre-sales personnel to suggest the most suitable and cost effective solutions to customers.

Our major alliances include :

Microsoft : Operating System, Office Productivity suite, Email, Development tools, Database solutions, CRM.

Oracle : Oracle suite of Middleware and Database solutions, Appliances and Oracle-Sun Range of hardware solutions.

Adobe : Entire range of Products for Publishing, Design and Office Productivity.

Redhat : Server and Workstation OS Suites and Support.

Symantec : Security Solutions, Backup Solutions (Veritas)

vmware : Full range of Virtualization software.

Others : McAffee, Kaspersky and E-Scan Anti-virus Suites.