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Total Visibility Fuels Better Control & Intelligent Business Decisions

Harness the power of and enable real-time visibility and analysis of the mountains of data generated by your organization. Empower employees at all levels with actionable insights unearthed by our Data Management, BI (Business Intelligence) and Data Analytics solutions. In today’s sophisticated business environment, one size is not the right fit for everyone and Raman iT has the expertise to help determine the best analytics solution for your unique organizational requirements. As one of the leading data analytics companies, we help improve workflows, refine business processes, facilitate better collaboration, eliminate information silos and bridge inter-departmental gaps with our analytics solutions. Keep your organization nimble with real-time visibility that drives rapid responses to trends and opportunities. Improve decision-making with data-fueled insights that foster business growth and success. The right information can spark a transformation helping your business evolve, and Raman iT has over 28 years of experience as a digital transformation catalyst for greater success.

Consulting & Assessment

Digital Road Map, Automation Suitability Assessments, Governance, Risk & Compliance Assessments, Benefits Assessments

Build Automation

Business case Development, Create Proof of Value, Build Process Automation, Production Rollout

Data Management

Data Preparation, Data Processing, Data Warehouse, ETL Services, Analytical Data Mart

BI Visualization & Reporting

Mobile & Cloud BI, KPI’s, Dashboards, Drilldowns, Strategic Reporting, Ad-hoc Reporting


Forecasting Model, Predictive Model, Statistical Model, Cloud Native AI & ML


Automation Boot Camps, RPA Basic & Advanced, Visualization Tools, KPI & Dashboards, Classroom & Customised