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Enable NextGen Networks for Business Agility

As industry leaders in network transformation, we provide solution consulting based on over 2 decades of network transformation experience. Determine which virtualized type of network, SDN or SDWAN, best fits your business requirements and goals. Rely on our expertise for architecture design, solution deployment and ongoing management. You can count on us for every step of your network transformation journey with our end-to-end network services.


Raman iT perform a thorough cloud assessment to evaluate your organization’s cloud readiness involving all key stakeholders. This helps ascertain whether any modifications are necessary for data and applications to shift from on-premise to the cloud, and even whether they are business-critical or can be decommissioned. The assessment also calculates TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the cloud and compares it to on-premises costs to estimate savings from a cloud solution.

Wireless – Connect from Anywhere

Business on the go is the mantra of today’s modern working environment and wireless is the key to making it happen. Take the next step into future-ready, virtual networks such as SDN that enable anytime, anywhere access, including wireless access to keep your business nimble 24×7. We provide centralized management and monitoring services ensuring that your wireless services and employees who connect wirelessly stay secure. Gain clear visibility and control with our WiFi metrics that provide a window to the wireless side of your network.

Network Infrastructure

Control your network infrastructure with our support services. Enforce policy across all devices through NAC (Network Access Control) which increases network visibility and reduces risk. Automation eases the burden of tedious network administrative tasks, and analytics provide total visibility for all aspects of your network, including wireless and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Modern networks can be complicated beasts and we keep them tame and well-managed with ongoing monitoring and network analytics that enable rapid responses to any issues.

Network Transformation Advantages

Real-time visibility and control of your entire network.

Achieve reliability and speed to deployment.

Cut costs for better cost efficiencies.

Avoid vendor lock-in to a particular hardware or technology.

Interoperate with your other WAN services.

Centrally manage all switches, routers, firewalls and load balancers.

Take advantage of multiple managed connection types.

Offload time-consuming administrative functions.