Port goes with prominent Wireless Network Surveillance Security

Case Studies

Port goes with prominent Wireless Network Surveillance Security

Provided the best and advanced Wireless Network Surveillance security to monitor each & every corner of the port.


It’s one of the major and largest port which offers berth for cruise vessels, commodities vessels, etc., the authority of port wanted to take a look into the number of in and out of ship, types of vessels, commodities carried by vessels, and the liveliness of entire port. By this they were looking for economic growth and development. The Authority wanted an infrastructure with advanced technology for stiffen the security to higher level 24*7 and the authority wanted to keep the camera footage for a longer period, and same need to be need to be centrally controlled infrastructure. Due to the vast port area, providing the surveillance security was not an easy play. So an authority was looking for a solution which will meet their all requirement

  • Port Authority
  • Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Govt of India
  • South India


Raman IT is specialist in delivering an innovative solution to client requirement. The solution is equipped with Wireless Network Infrastructure which consist of Command & control Room of CCTV Camera with Network Tower. Network IP Cameras, Wireless devices, Display Wall, Storage, Servers, etc. The proposed solution is well & best to meet the all requirement of the client.


When the testing phase is over, authority plans to deploy the solution offered by RAMAN IT. Establishment of Command Control Room with network infrastructure where all the devices is connected and controlled. Installing Vivotek camera at several of its location, avoids manual patrolling and also it’s a boosting for the security dept of an authority. All types of camera, i.e. PTZ, Bullet and Dome are connected to wireless devices to transmit the outcome of the camera. Consideration of Ubiquity wireless devices to establish the PTP and PTMP network. To store the recording of the camera, NAS storage server is installed and huge display wall is fixed in control room to view the live and recording of the camera. Wireless Infrastructure mainly consist of Network towers, which is used to place the Base Wireless devices to receive and sends the signals from slave wireless devices. These Network towers are working 24*7 without any power failure, as it’s connected to powerful UPS.


Raman IT stands firm on providing the support and best services to their clients. Deployment of a residential engineer at client location lead to hassle free support with round the clock service to the client.