Rendered the Solution for Network Infrastructure

Case Studies

Raman IT have rendered the Solution for Network Infrastructure

  • Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences & Research.
  • Healthcare
  • South India

Mission & Challenges

Healthcare establishment receives large number of patients where management wants to keep the health records of the patients and wants to make everything digitalization with modern infrastructure which help the patients and staff who works in hospital. The authority of the research center came up with the requirement which includes complete network infrastructure consist of surveillance security, telecom infrastructure and data storage with security across the establishment.


Raman IT is specialist in delivering an innovative solution to client requirement. This solution is equipped with a 10G connectivity infrastructure which include IP Cameras, Networking Switches, Wireless Controller based Wireless Access Point , Workstations, Display Wall, Storage, Servers, Rack and Power solution.


When testing phase is over, Client plans to deploy the solutions which was offered by RAMAN IT includes OFC based 10G structured cabling infrastructure along with redundancy STAR topology. Thus provisioned for CCTV surveillance, Storage, and telecom.

Installing Vivotek camera at several of its campus, avoids manual patrolling and also it’s a boosting for the security dept of an institute. Vivotek camera as some unique features with embedded cybersecurity. To store the recording of the camera, NAS storage server is installed. Huge display wall is fixed in server room to view the live and recording of the camera. Consideration of DELL servers makes more efficient infrastructure and telephone server is factored to control the telecom infrastructure. Establishment of server room which has network Racks where entire infrastructure will be controlled. Consideration of network firewall provides more security for an infrastructure.


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