Renewing of DC & DR at Manufacturing Firm

Case Studies

Renewing of DC & DR at Manufacturing Firm

Replacement of existing SAP Hardware infrastructure with IBM SAP Infrastructure.

Mission and Challenges

This manufacturing firm is a world leader in pooja needs and home care and is exported to over many countries and provides worldwide online customer support. In this case, the existing SAP based infrastructure needs to be refreshed with an advanced SAP hardware infrastructure without affecting the existing database.
  • Manufacturing Company
  • Private Establishment
  • South India


Raman IT is specialist in delivering an innovative solution to client. This solution is equipped with IBM Power server to run SAP with migration of existing workload. Along with this, edge solution from Rittal was also included in the solution which helped to overcome the pain points of the client.


When the testing phase is over, firm is happy to deploy the solution offered by RAMAN IT. The solution consists of IBM hardware solution. Racking and Stacking the Power servers was the main function of the solution. OS Installation and Dual VIOS creation, Creation of LPARs, Creation of RAID groups, Configuration of Power HA clusters, Migrating existing workloads/storage to the proposed system in DC, and Setup storage based replication was the on the target and same has been delivered without any hesitation to the client. Consideration of Rittal edge smart rack solution helps the firm hassle free operation of the infrastructure.