Desktop & Laptop Sales

Desktop & Laptop Sales

As per the latest data, desktop sales in India have decreased by 37 percent in the last 1 year while laptop sales have increased by a whopping 80percent. It is thus clear that the concept of portable/laptop computer demand will only increase in time to come. The work from home culture is increasing and thereby the demand for laptops is at its peak. If you look at various apps, you will find ads showing laptop for sale in Mysore and laptop dealers in Mysore among others. Mysore Infosys campus is the world’s largest training center for recruits making it the world’s largest corporate university.

This is one of the reasons why IT industry too has grown leaps and bounds in Mysore. The demand for laptops and desktops in schools and colleges is always at the helm and that is why there are n number of laptop showrooms in Mysore. With increasing technology and competition the choosing the right brand of the laptop with the best feature has become a daunting task. In this article, we will discuss the laptop’s brand features and specifications that will make it easier to choose the best-suited laptop for you.

Top Laptop Brands in India

All brands are designed in a unique way to take care of consumer needs. Functionality, Size, Style, and fashion are some of the key factors that every manufacturer consider before developing laptops and desktops. Let’s discuss the top brands that you can consider before you pick one

  1. Apple – Apple is undoubtedly one of the luxury brands when it comes to desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Apple certainly tops the segment with its features like design, display, build quality, battery backup, and customer support among others. Apple laptops are attractive and Apple’s logo on the front make it one of the best thing to show off. Not just the display and design, the operating system too is total errors free and thereby making it easy to use. Apple laptops are known for their reliability and are crowned as not just the best laptops in India but are rated top across the globe. There are apple stores in Mysore where you can get a lot of models to choose from and also you can order it online.
  1. HP – Hewlett-Packard is the oldest laptop brands. The brand however is not as popular as it used to be a few years back. However, for desktop users, they are known for providing the most reliable systems and are widely used by professionals and gamers. In laptop too they are one of the leading brands and is very popular among students. They recently unveiled the world’s thinnest laptop. They didn’t hold a great reputation among the designs of the laptop but in recent years they have raised the bar and are now at par with their peers. When it comes to the range they have a wide range of laptops to choose from. Some of their exclusive laptops include fan less laptops, convertible laptops, basic notebooks, and gaming devices among others. Their high-end series like ZBook, Omen, and Spectre offers the best value for the money. You can easily find HP laptops at various laptop shops in Mysore.


  1. Lenovo – Lenovo is Beijing based conglomerate that is associated with computer manufacturing since 1984. The market share of Lenovo is nearly 25percent as they are known for manufacturing cheap laptops among its peers with the same specifications. Their laptops are ideal for any kind of task and can be used by gamers, professionals, and college students. In addition to power, Lenovo laptops offer super flexible-design that has made Lenovo laptops popular among youths. You will find a Lenovo laptop showroom in Mysore at every corner of the city due to its rising demand among the consumers. Their product quality is unquestionable and is considered perfect in features like display, keyboard, audio quality, and touchpads. Lenovo offers the best customer support in India. They are accessible via mail and telephonic interface 24*7. The company offers extended warranty at a very affordable price on some of its selected devices.


  1. Dell – If you considering buying a decent Windows laptop then you can consider going with Dell. Their after-sale and technical support is worth praising. Dell Laptops are user friendly and budget-friendly as well. Their design too is straight forward and is known for its durability. Dell is also one of the top-selling brands of 2020 as per Bloomberg reports. Their collection of the laptop is uncountable as they have n number of models and their notebooks are equipped with all the latest features and are known for their precision. Their extensive product range makes it one of the most popular brands. They enjoy a 17percent market share which is less compared to its peers but still enough to consider them as a force to reckon with when it comes to laptops.


  1. Acer – Acer is one of the leading companies in Taiwan and has made its presence felt in India too in the last decade or so. The company offers a laptop for every price range. They have a low range and high range computers. They are best known for their decent battery life. The company enjoys a global share of 6 percent but in India, their share is increasing with each passing year. Acer also offers excellent customer support which has made it quite popular among customers. In addition to telephonic calls, emails, and live chat they also offer customer support on their social media handles on Facebook and Instagram as well.


  1. Asus – Asus is accused of flooding the market with a cheap range of laptops. They have an in-house motherboard manufacturing unit and that is the reason behind their low prices compared to their peers. A few years back Asus wouldn’t have made it to this list. However, with rising laptop demands ASUS has proved to be a great force not just because of their low pricing but also because of their reliability. The ASUS Zenbook has a design to watch out for. Along with cost, reliability the company has focused a lot on its design as well. Their range ASUS ROG provides an unbelievable gaming laptop which has made ASUS popular not just among the professionals but also among the gamers as well. Their prompt after-sales services is also commendable as they have service centers in over 200 cities in India.


In addition to the above-mentioned brands, there are few other brands as well. MSI, Microsoft, Razer, and Samsung too are top-heavy names in computer manufacturing. You will hardly find an office in India where the work is still done on paper. Hence laptop sales which are around 200k a year are expected to grow by 1 million per year in the coming years.

Why is it important to go with a brand?

Customized laptops don’t guarantee durability and laptops are task intensive devices. In today’s world laptops have become allies for life and therefore extensive brand and model research is a must before purchasing. As mentioned before in addition to specifications looking at longevity is of utmost importance. There are numerous advantages of buying a branded laptop. Let’s look at those benefits:

  • Professional and prompt customer support.
  • Innovative features.
  • Professional marketing approach.
  • Top-quality hardware and parts.
  • Extensive range of options.
  • Better Software upgrades.

We have already discussed some of the top brands that you can consider. The above mentioned features make it clear that why buying a branded laptop is important.

Conclusion – Computers have taken over and have made human work quite easy. This is the reason why you will find a laptop showroom in Mysore city every shopping complex. The sales figure are rising and that has made this business more competitive. This in turn has benefitted the customers. We at RamaniT can help you buy the best laptop that suits your requirements.           


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    It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor
    global and brands, companies are reaching out.

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    It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor hmiu
    global and brands, companies are reaching out.

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