Data Center Monitoring Solutions

Data Center Monitoring Solutions

Data centers are associated with servers and usually maintain big data. Challenges that are associated with data centers are ever increasing complexity, cooling requirements, and increase power capacity. Various organizations who have made efforts in developing techniques and tools in the past which are not equipped to meet today’s expectations. However, we at have made sure that we are enhanced with all the challenges that are faced by data centers. Our data center infrastructure management team has engineered the solutions that suit your requirements. Let’s discuss some of the top challenges that are faced by data centers:

  • Managing various servers with limited resources.
  • Manage resources efficiently.
  • Gaining a proper service level which can fit in their infrastructure.
  • Monitor serves in virtual environments.

To make sure you meet today’s challenges efficiently, you have to build a comprehensive data center that can monitor systems. Build an application that can gather information from ATS, chillers, power panels, and UPS. The collected information can be mapped on a designated system. Through this information, you can let your data center managers have an exact view of cooling performance and energy usage. There are a few key features that data centers should build to make sure the smooth functioning of your data center operations.

Data Centers should implement power meters:

An enhanced power monitoring system will provide you complete data, reporting, and other useful information from various data centers. These systems need to be installed and load balanced with the help of a circuit monitoring system. Let’s discuss some power meter tools that can be easily implemented in Data Centers:

Wireless Meters

Wireless meters gather power data from devices without any network connectivity. Hence it reduces cost linked to wired busses and also saves time.

Branch Circuit Monitoring System

One such system can monitor up to 168 circuits. Hence it can be networked to monitor up to 2688 circuits.    

UPS battery monitoring system

Through UPS battery monitoring system, you can view a graphical status report along with a real-time dashboard.

In addition to power meters, environmental censors too should be included. Managing energy costs and preventing downtime are some of the most challenging issues for any data center. Hence it is very important to monitor the environmental condition inside the servers. Environmental censor is a valuable tool to detect the efficiency of water coolers, aisle contaminant, and fan systems. Let’s discuss some of the most impressive tools that are used to monitor environmental conditions.

  • Wireless Environmental Monitoring
  • MiniGoose XP II
  • WeatherGoose II

Data Center solutions for modernization

Every customer’s main objective is to have computing capabilities that can match their business requirements and in turn maximize their ROI. If the strategies are not well-planned, it can lead to a user complaining about the poor computing system. In addition to that we also have to be ready to provide our customers with a high ability solution in case of any disaster. We are here to help you with data center solutions that are designed by the best technology architects. Our engineers has laid out the best data center infrastructure diagram and data center infrastructure design that will help you cope up with the issues that you have faced in the past.

Our Solutions

Raman IT offers advanced Data Center solutions. Let’s discuss the solutions that are designed with deep engineering expertise:

Unified Computing: Unite computing storage access, virtualization, and networking by integrating systems with enterprise servers. 

Storage: We manage data while maximizing your application performance. 

Recovery and Backup: We protect your data through encrypted and secure methods. We provide you a setup where employee’s access will be limited to their work by applying appropriate permissions.

Private Cloud: We will create a converged infrastructure with tailor-made and scalable technologies ensuring regulatory compliance and data security.


Raman IT always delivers advanced Data Center Solutions through technologies from industry leaders like Cisco, HP, IBM, Intel, and Dell Technologies among others. We are equipped with the best team that understand your needs and thereby providing you a solution that suits your needs. Along with setup, Data Center Maintenance is also a very important aspect to ensure smooth functionality. 

Data Center Maintenance

You always want your data bank to be comprehensive. If your data bank becomes non-responsive that it can lead to loss of money, customer goodwill, and loss of service. The data center is valuable only if it functions properly. To improve performance of your data center, maintenance is an important aspect. A break down may lead to loss of money and downtime. To make sure data center runs at its optimal level, Data center maintenance is the key.

Right Maintenance of Data Center

To keep your data center up and running 24*7, you should make sure power management, cooling system, and battery backup are running at its optimal level of service. Only routine maintenance can ensure that you have taken preventive measures for the adversity that may come in the future. Having a good maintenance policy is helpful to deliver its clients the best level of service. 

It is critical for all the data centers to have zero downtime. Providing continuous service to its client is of utmost importance and for that having a maintenance policy is essential to ensure customer satisfaction. To make sure that your data center runs smoothly we provide remote and onsite maintenance options.

Reasons to Renovate Your Data Centers

Many data centers today have the following features such as limited walking space, lots of electrical outlets, windowless rooms, and false floors. In such cases, data center renovations are the best way to improve the performance of your data centers. By renovating, you can yield a lot of improvements in the discussed areas such as space, operating cost, and performance. When do you know that it’s time for you to renovate data centers?

Temperature: Data Centers should maintain a cool temperature. Whenever you realize that your data center temperature fluctuates frequently means its time.

Cost Cutting: Technology keeps on upgrading and therefore if you have old rack designs than upgrading those with the latest as it isn’t just more efficient but will also save your cost in long run.

Room of Cables: If your data center looks like a room of cables means its time you should renovate it immediately. Improve cabling not just enhances performance but is also a source of cost cutting.

Natural Disasters: Data centers are an important aspect of any company. Hence the design of your data center should be concentrated on disaster management. Implementing such a design will help you recover data and overcome the disaster.

Data Center Migration

Moving of a business’s network, data, applications, and servers from one place to another is called data center migration. It can consume a lot of your money and time if the data center migration project plan is not well-planned. However, our goal is to minimize your disruption and downtime while staying on schedule and budget. We plan a successful data center migration plan right from the beginning to make sure your data is secure and your infrastructure too is up to date. Data center operations responsibilities is yours and fulfilling a client demands must be your utmost priority. 

Along with all these points if you don’t feel that you are getting the expected efficiency from your data centers than its time you should think about renovating your data center infrastructure. Also, look out for alternative energy sources for cooling servers. You can visit our website to know the latest technology from the world of the data center. We are adept at improving component efficiency and availability to make sure your business operations run smoothly. In addition to that, we will also help you in reducing your energy bills by consolidating servers.






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    It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor hmiu
    global and brands, companies are reaching out.

    • Riva Collins

      November 9, 2019 - 2:09 am

      It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor hmiu global and brands, companies are reaching out.

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