Temple Management Software

Temple Management Software

Temple management software is a one in all solution to managing the day-to-day activities that happen in a temple. We offer temple management software that is automated and user friendly. One can use this software easily even if they don’t have much knowledge relating to computers. Our software for temple management can be easily operated with a basic speed of keyboard operation. All you need to do is follow the manual procedure concerning the accounting of temple stores and other activities that goes on in the temples. We have one of the best temple management software in India.

Advanced Multi-Featured

We have analyzed a lot of temples worldwide and also their integrated temple management system to identify how they maintain their reports and complete administration. After deep research and study, we have come up with a solution that is best suited for the temple management system in India. The software includes all the tools to streamline your back-office systems in a single package. Through our software, you will get convenient & quick billing and inventory, comprehensive reporting, and greater accounting accuracy. We have arguably one of the best temple software in India.

Our Main Goals

  • Enlarge the horizon of temples
  • Manage all day-to-day activities of the temple with the use of technology
  • Centralize the database
  • Controlling activities using user module
  • Online scheduled management and maintenance of temples
  • Keep a check on all financial transactions

Features of our Temple Management System

  1. Customized Seva Application as per Temple requirement – Seva of the temple can be easily managed using the module as our software has features like:
  • Number of Persons allowed in Seva
  • Seva schedule
  • Dashboard displaying daily Seva schedule
  • Add new Seva and charges of that Seva
  1. Digital Track on complete revenue on income & expenditure – Our software is integrated with different kinds of modules through which you can maintain your accounts easily. Reports related to modules such as Income, Expenses, Staff Salary, and Devotees among others can be easily accessed as well as printing can be done of every module using filters. Kind of reports available include:
  • Report of Income
  • Report of Expenses
  • Account statement of all expenses and income
  • Report on staff’s salary individual and all in one as well
  • Report of Devotees


  1. Stores Management Solution – Store management solution is designed specially to maintain the stock of a temple related to prasadam or any other kinds of material that are maintained in stores of temples.
  1. Dasoha Management Solution – Dasoha is the key to the temple’s initiative to feed. The software is designed to have a complete track of managing inventory projections of ration and other material required in the temple’s food centers.


  1. Room Reservation & Maintenance Solution – Many Hindu & Sikh temples have incorporated rooms in their premises to accommodate the guests coming from outside. Our software will help you have the complete information of your occupied and vacated rooms at a go.


In addition to our already launched software, we can also customize a temple management system as per the client’s requirements.

Temple Management System in India

There are n number of temples in India and managing them without a proper temple management software can be a daunting task. Temple management software price depends on the size and the number of devotees visiting the temple on daily basis. There are 4000 temples in a small town called Vrindavan in North India. Nearly 40 million visitors including foreigner nationals visit Vrindavan and still the temple manages them without any fuss and that’s because most of them have installed temple management software in their systems. We have taken care of four important aspects before creating this software. Let’s discuss those aspects:

  1. Research – A deep research has been done by our engineers and only after that we have designed the software that can take care of large Hindu temples management. In India, every part has different temples and their requirements also vary. We have kept all things in consideration before finally launching the temple management software.
  1. Analysis – There are various aspects related to temples and the main among them is footfall. There are few temples in the North that are opened for a specific period and hence it has become quite easy to maintain the footfall during the peak seasons with the help of temple management software.


  1. Design – Designing software that can accommodate all aspects is of utmost importance. Our design was made after discussing with a lot of devotees raising issues that they faced while visiting. We have addressed all those issues in our temple management software design to make sure it solves all your problems.


  1. Implementation – The implementation phase is the process of converting the design in an executable system. Our software design can be easily implemented and is interfaced to accommodate in Windows or Linux.


Our Packages

RamaniT is a rapidly growing company with an inspiration for achieving new highs in the field of software management. Our temple software is designed keeping in mind the industry standards and it can be molded as per customer’s requirements. Our team will do deep research and survey of your site so that we can provide you the software that is best suited for you. We don’t just claim that we have one of the best temple software in India as we have delivered it time and again and have a long list of satisfied customers.

We have a great team of technologists who understand all your needs and design the software as per your temple needs and transform the software product that can fulfill all your requirements.

Our Strength

The ever-expanding client base of our temple software is proof of the relationship that we have maintained with our clients over the years. We never compromise with quality and especially when it comes to temple software. Our projects are delivered on time and high profile customization is one of the salient features of our temple software. We offer temple software not just in India but in other Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Malaysia among others.

Our Service Module

Devotee Module – Our module will help you keep a check on the exact number of devotees visiting the temple. There are filters in the module through which you can figure out the peak seasons in which the maximum devotees have visited the temple. Hence it allows you to prepare yourself before the crowd starts to sneak in.

Income Module – The total income of the temple can be managed through this module. We have created different heads under this module which can be easily maintained with the user-friendly application.

Expenses Module – Like income, expenses too can be easily maintained through our expense module. There are various heads and you can make an entry under the designated vouchers.

Attendance Module – Our software is integrated with a biometrics machine to calculate the attendance of staff. Thus you can easily calculate the staff’s salary based on the attendance received through the biometrics machine.

Stock – The stock module is specially designed to have the exact stock lying in the temple at any particular time.

Notes – Time to time special notes regarding Seva are displayed on the temple’s notice board. Such notes can be easily prepared using this module.

Over the years, you must have noticed that the temples have become quite advanced and this is one of the biggest reasons why the footfall has increased in the last decade. Having a temple management software not just make it easy for the temple management but also for the people visiting the temple. They too can have the exact idea of what time of the year they can visit and what all Seva is being conducted on the days they have planned to visit. Our software has various modules such as hall booking, Archana ticket, and donation among others. It is now quite easy for temples to maintain the records of each detail through the temple management software.    


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    It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor hmiu
    global and brands, companies are reaching out.

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